Enhance Your Bust Line With Breast Augmentation Surgery


Dr. Kobienia discusses the breast augmentation procedure and different options available. He talks about the differences in types of implants and the way that they may feel. Dr. Kobienia goes over the procedure and what you can expect.

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Breast Augmentation is the procedure where we add volume to a lady's natural breast. And that's done typically with implants. There are a couple of different varieties of implants. There's saline-filled implants, and silicone gel-filled implants. In terms of feel-ability, the gels, the silicone gels tend to feel more natural, more like a natural flesh, body fat type situation. That also means oftentimes you can't feel the device through the lady's skin, so that can also make it feel more natural; whereas the saline sometimes tends to feel a little bit fake. You may be able to feel the device through the skin of the breast. There's reasons why one person would pick one over another. The majority of our patients tend to pick silicone gel implants. The surgery for breast augmentation typically takes about an hour. It is a general anesthetic, meaning the patient is asleep for it. The first night is more an issue of recovering from the anesthetic drugs. There are some restrictions we put upon ladies in terms of arm motion. We ask them not to raise their arms above shoulder height, not lift things more than say a gallon of milk in terms of weight. The hardest restriction usually is women who typically need breast enhancement are very...or tend to be more athletically fit, and they want to get back to their exercise. And that's the hardest part for them, having to hold off on that for three to four weeks, typically. But usually, women are taking pain medicine for up to three to four days, and then weaning off it onto a little bit lighter drugs such as Tylenol or Motrin.

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