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Cathleen Olsen, Dr. Kobenia's aesthetician, talks about the different peels that they offer. She also discusses the laser treatments that they have available for patients. They also offer microneedling treatments to help their patients achieve their cosmetic goals.

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I'm Cathleen Olsen, the owner of Edina Skin Care Specialists, and I do the skin care for Dr. Kobienia. I'm an aesthetician, and there are also four other aestheticians that work for me. We offer a variety of different skin peels. Anything from a light peel that takes no recovery time to peels that you might peel for five to seven days. We also offer laser. And on the lasers, we'll do laser hair removal. We can take care of brown spots, red spots, skin rejuvenation, and that has the pixel for total skin rejuvenation with a recovery time of about a week. We have offered now the newest skin pen, which is a micro-needling device. That will help to improve wrinkles, fine lines, scarring, stretch marks. Any kind of skin health issues that you have, we can help you with for correction, maintenance, and protection. One of the things that we do here is called dermaplaning, and we've doing this for 25 years, longer than anyone in the industry in Minneapolis anyways. That is taking a surgical scalpel, removing the fine hair and skin on the surface, and your skin just feels baby soft. A regular skin maintenance program would include your at home products, and we carry SkinMedica, Revision, and Colorscience products. These are all products that are carried in doctors' offices. So they have a higher level of active ingredients. It's very important what you use at home is about 50% of it. Then, we have products that we use in treatments that are only used in doctors' offices as well. And typically, a patient will come in and every 4, 6, or 8 weeks to have their skin care treatment done.

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