Breast Augmentation Patient Testimonial


A patient shares her experience of her breast augmentation procedure with Dr. Kobienia. She is absolutely happy with the results and does not feel that any other doctor would have achieved the same results. She recommends Dr. Kobienia to all of her friends.

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I just decided, I guess, to do breast implants a while ago. So I would go and I just started doing my own research, and I came across Dr. Kobienia. And I just looked at his website and read some of the reviews and I really liked it. I just decided to make an appointment with him. And the first appointment just went very great, and I felt like he was a great doctor. I decided to go ahead and do my surgery with him. I'm absolutely happy. Exceeded my expectations and I'm so happy I've done this and I'm so happy I chose this doctor, because it feels like if I had a different doctor I wouldn't have the same results. I am absolutely happy with the results. Yeah, and my recovery process was super easy, and everything went great. I'm a lot more self confident now and I love wearing swimsuits. Summer is like my favorite season of the year now. It wasn't like that before, but yeah, I would recommend it to anybody who wants to do anything that the doctor does. I referred him to all of my friends, giving his information and his phone number and told them, "If you ever need anything, this is the doctor you have to go to."

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"I am grateful for how easy and comfortable you made me feel at every appointment and every surgery, but most of all I am thankful for all you do and have done for me."

- Sandy


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