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Dr. Kobienia discusses the mommy makeover procedure that he performs at his Edina cosmetic surgery practice. This procedure is a combination of a tummy tuck and breast lift or augmentation. He discusses the different options for each treatment.

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The technique commonly referred to as a mommy makeover is the combination of doing breast intervention and abdominoplasty or tummy tuck. Because women go through this thing called pregnancy that has an adverse effect on their bodies, including the loosening of the skin of the abdomen, stretching of the abdominal wall and they want to get their bodies back after having children. So a common technique we do is called tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. A couple of varieties of that. One is where we remove the redundant skin from the lower part of the abdomen, whether that lady needs to have her muscles tightened up to make the tummy wall tighter is dependent on the person. So the combination of doing abdominoplasty and some breast enhancement work, whether it be a lift or an augmentation or combination of those two is what we refer to as a mommy makeover. And yes, we can do both these techniques at the same setting. It certainly is in their benefit to do two procedures with one anesthetic. You've got one recovery time but you'll certainly have to rest and get through the recovery time. Typically, they're looking at a minimum of a week of down time with significant curtailment of their activities after that. So it's a good month to six weeks of recovery in terms of feeling like they have their energy level back again. But women who are good candidate for an abdominoplasty never regret it. They find that they can actually wear a pair of yoga pants or flat-panel slacks again or pants. They don't have that confidence after they've had their children. They get rid of their extra skin roll down below. So it's a little bit of a sore operation, but in terms of the benefit for the gain of doing it, they're very happy they've done it.

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