Breast Reduction Scarring: Know the Facts By Brian Kobienia, MD, FACS on February 10, 2020

Side-by-side image shows various breast reduction surgical techniquesBreast reduction surgery can reduce head, neck, and back pain. Many women seek the cosmetic surgery to gain a more proportional and symmetrical bustline. Following surgery at our practice, serving Minneapolis, MN, and Edina, MN, there will be visible scarring that will fade with time.

Patients will be provided with guidelines that will aid in that healing process. As with all of his procedures, Dr. Brian J. Kobienia will take steps to ensure that all incisions are made as discreetly as possible. Read on the learn more about breast reduction and scars.

Where Will My Scars Appear?

Any surgical procedure requires incisions that will leave some level of scarring. There are multiple surgical approaches to breast reduction that leave scars in different areas of the surface of the breast.

If you undergo breast reduction surgery at our Minneapolis surgical center, Dr. Kobienia may make three incisions: underneath the breast, around the areola, and vertically from the areola downward to the underside of the breast. These incisions allow Dr. Kobienia to reshape the breasts and remove excess skin and other tissues as needed.

This technique leaves an inverted “T” shaped scar. This surgical approach is ideal for addressing more severe asymmetry or sagging.

Scar Healing Timeline

Scarring from breast reduction is similar in appearance to other scars. The scar tissue appears as a thin raised line on top of your skin. Scars are typically pink or red in color during the early phases of healing. As the scar heals, it will darken in color to match the surrounding skin tissue.

Women with darker skin may be at increased risk of developing side effects like hyperpigmentation. Dr. Kobienia can discuss those risk factors during your cosmetic consultation.

Any scarring resulting from breast reduction surgery should not be visible in a bra or bikini top. Scar lightening is a continual process that can last several months to a year.

Scar Reduction Tips

Dr. Kobienia will provide you with recovery guidelines that will include steps that can reduce the prominence of scars. As you recover, Dr. Kobienia and the medical team of Kobienia Plastic Surgery will be your best resource for advice and tips on how to ensure that any scarring is minimal.

Scarring can be worsened by certain habits like tanning, smoking, excessive scrubbing, and scratching the surgical sites. Protecting your incisions from direct sunlight is also important. Ultraviolet radiation can enhance the appearance of scars, and heat from exposure to excessive sunlight can cause swelling and other side effects.

While there are over-the-counter products that claim to reduce scarring, those products should only be used with the approval of Dr. Kobienia. Certain products may actually cause irritations or rashes.

Be sure to carefully follow your post-surgery care instructions. Most patients will need to wear a chest bandage and surgical bra for the first few days after surgery at our Minneapolis surgical center. Once your incisions heal, Dr. Kobienia may recommend approaches that can promote further healing of the scar tissue:

  • Scar massage
  • Scar gels
  • Laser treatment
  • Chemical peels

Schedule Your Breast Reduction Surgery Today

Worries about scarring should not hold you back from enjoying the benefits of lighter and more proportional breasts. Dr.Kobienia is a respected board-certified plastic surgeon who will ensure that any scarring is minimal and easily concealable. To schedule your breast reduction surgery, please contact our office online or call (952) 925-1111.

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