Rhinoplasty for the Nostrils By Brian Kobienia, MD, FACS on August 31, 2019

Asymmetrical/differently shaped nostrilsThe size and shape of your nostrils can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of your nose. Making even just a slight adjustment to the nostrils can make a noticeable difference. If you have problem with your nostrils, you should discuss rhinoplasty (nose job) options with Dr. Brian J. Kobienia.

The team at our Minneapolis, MN plastic surgery center would like to consider common issues that affect the nostrils and what a cosmetic surgeon can do about them.

Common Types of Nostril Problems

Below are some of the most common issues patients have with their nostrils:

  • Small/Narrow Nostrils - When the nostrils are tiny or too narrow, it can have a serious impact on aesthetics (and possibly even your ability to breathe).
  • Large/Flared Nostrils - Nostrils that are too big can make your nose appear wider or generally throw off the balance of your face.
  • Asymmetrical Nostrils - Nostrils that are unevenly sized or shaped can be a major source of self-consciousness, especially if they alter the shape of the nasal tip.
  • Covered Nostrils in Profile - For most people, nostrils are partially visible when the nose is seen from the side, but some people have nostrils that are totally concealed from view.
  • Severely Prominent Nostrils - If you have a nose that’s extremely upturned, this could cause your nostrils to become the most prominent feature of your nose (if not your face).

How a Plastic Surgeon Can Reshape Your Nostrils

Most people usually think of rhinoplasty as a way to reshape the nasal bridge or tip of the nose. It can also be performed to revise the nostrils and the septum. Cosmetic surgeons have numerous options available when it comes to aesthetically enhancing a person’s nose, no matter what issues the patient faces.

Ideal Candidates for Rhinoplasty

Good candidates for rhinoplasty are people who have problems with the appearance of their nose. They should be in good overall health and not suffer from medical conditions that could be aggravated by a facial surgery procedure. During the consultation process at our Minneapolis cosmetic surgery center, we will determine if a rhinoplasty is the right option for you.

The Rhinoplasty Procedure

There are two methods of performing a rhinoplasty:

  • Closed Rhinoplasty - A closed rhinoplasty is a surgery in which all of the incisions are made within the nostrils. This is usually the surgical technique that’s used for nostril revision if just the nostrils themselves require alterations. Sutures and the careful excision of tissue can improve shape and angle of the nostrils as well as the nasal tip.
  • Open Rhinoplasty - An open rhinoplasty involves an incision made along the columella, the patch of skin between both nostrils. By making this incision, a plastic surgeon can access more structures of the nose to make adjustments.

We will be able to discuss your surgery and what to expect during the consultation process.

The Results of Nostril Revision

The results of a nostril revision can be quite dramatic and yet also quite natural. Since incisions are small and well hidden, few people if any will realize that you have undergone any sort of surgery.

Speak with a Plastic Surgeon

For more information about correcting the size and appearance of your nostrils, contact a board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon. The team at Kobienia Plastic Surgery can be reached by phone in Minneapolis by calling (952) 925-1111.

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