Dynamic vs. Static Wrinkles By Brian Kobienia, MD, FACS on January 24, 2019

A woman with a youthful faceWrinkles are what can make a face look mature, wise, or friendly. But for many patients, wrinkles can prematurely age or alter their appearance. At Kobienia Plastic Surgery, Dr. Brian J. Kobienia offers facial rejuvenation treatments to restore a more youthful appearance.

We can treat dynamic and static wrinkles. Depending on the type of wrinkles present on your face, a surgical or non-surgical solution may be best for you. Contact our Minneapolis, MN practice to learn more.

Understanding How Wrinkles Occur

Wrinkles are the skin’s natural, biological reaction to genetic and environmental factors. Sun exposure, aging, tobacco use, and dehydration can all affect the amount and severity of facial wrinkles.

Since wrinkles often form after exposure to environmental elements, it makes sense that wrinkles first develop in areas such as the face, hands, neck, and chest, which are exposed to sun light and other elements the most.

Ultraviolet rays from sunlight can slowly break down proteins in the skin and reduce the strength and elasticity of skin. Once the surface of your skin starts thinning from the loss of proteins, it can move more freely and become creased or shaped by muscle movement from beneath its surface.

Dynamic Wrinkles

Dynamic wrinkles are fleeting, at first. They appear when you show emotions through your face, such as anger, worry, sadness, or happiness.

The muscle movements controlled by the brain for each of these specific emotions causes the skin above the muscles to also move.

The result can be:

  • A wrinkled forehead when worried
  • Laugh lines when smiling
  • Crow’s feet when squinting

Once the face returns to a neutral, resting state, the dynamic wrinkles go away.

Static Wrinkles

Static wrinkles, unlike dynamic wrinkles, remain visible even when the face is in a neutral, non-emotional state.

Static wrinkles often include the deep creases around the mouth and nose.

With time, dynamic wrinkles can deepen into static wrinkles. As the skin continues to lose elasticity, dynamic wrinkles become more etched in the surface of skin from the thousands of times the skin was shaped from muscle movement.

These static wrinkles can prematurely age someone, especially those patients who are predisposed to deep wrinkles through genetics, or have a history of tobacco use and sun exposure.

Treatment Options

Dr. Kobienia offers facial rejuvenation procedures that focus on both dynamic and static wrinkles, turning back time on unwanted wrinkles.

For dynamic wrinkles, a non-surgical treatment approach through BOTOX® injections are a safe and effective way to reduce deep laugh lines, crow’s feet, or forehead wrinkles. BOTOX® restricts the range of muscle movement below the skin to reduce the movement that creates deep skin wrinkles. The effects of the BOTOX® procedure can last for about six months.

For static wrinkles, several surgical treatments can dramatically change the severity or appearance of the face. Dr. Kobienia offers a full face lift, or eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). By surgically tightening the surface of the skin during these procedures, Dr. Kobienia recreates a more youthful skin surface. Thin, looser skin is lifted and smoothed to create a skin surface that functions naturally and presents fewer dynamic wrinkles as well.

Dermal fillers can also be used to fill in wrinkles and creases in the skin.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you find yourself unsatisfied with the wrinkles you see in the mirror, call us at (952) 925-1111 or reach out to our team online. A consultation with Dr. Kobienia will help you understand your specific treatment options.

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