Breast Augmentation Enhances the Appearance of Tubular Breasts

By Brian Kobienia, MD, FACS on August 08, 2018

Woman with a shapely bustlineMany women take a great deal of pride in the appearance of their breasts. Since the breasts are often considered to be one of the defining features of femininity, it can take a big toll on a woman’s self-esteem if the breasts do not live up to a woman’s standards.

Tubular breasts can cause particular distress. Tubular breasts are misshapen and tend to be smaller in size. Fortunately, breast augmentation enhances the size and shape of the breasts to dramatically improve the appearance of tubular breasts.

Experienced plastic surgeon Brian J. Kobienia offers breast augmentation for tubular breasts at his Minneapolis, MN practice. This procedure allows patients to finally feel confident in their bust line and overall appearance.

What Are Tubular Breasts?

Tubular breasts are a congenital condition. This term describes breasts that appear cone-shaped, rather than round. This can affect one or both breasts, and may vary in severity from mild to severe.

Tubular breasts are classified by a number of characteristics, including:

  • Tubular breasts tend to be smaller in size
  • Tubular breasts have a narrow base and are more pointed towards the end
  • When the breasts are tubular, there is often a wide gap of space between the two breasts
  • The crease, or fold, beneath a tubular breast often sits higher, which further enhances the droopy, tubular shape
  • Tubular breasts frequently have larger areolas, which are likely to protrude

How Can Breast Augmentation Help?

Breast implants enhance the size of the breasts, but they also greatly improve the shape of the breasts. Breast implants are especially helpful for improving the shape of tubular breasts.

When placed appropriately, breast implants can round out the bottom of the breasts to eliminate a tubular appearance and create more symmetry between the breasts. Breast augmentation also adds volume to the breasts, which gives them a more developed aesthetic.

To further improve the appearance of tubular breasts, Dr. Kobienia may need to make additional alterations. Some techniques that assist in correcting the shape of the breasts include resizing and changing the position of the areola and lowering the position of the inframammary fold.

When the breasts are especially droopy, it may be necessary to combine breast augmentation with a breast lift. A breast lift corrects sagging and makes the breasts look more perky and youthful.

Benefits of Tubular Breast Correction

All surgical procedures carry a degree of risk, so it is important to carefully consider whether breast augmentation is the best way to correct tubular breasts. However, most patients who are ideal candidates for breast augmentation find that the benefits of this procedure far outweigh the small degree of risk.

Following are some of the greatest benefits of tubular breast correction:

  • Larger breasts that have a more natural shape
  • Improved confidence in the appearance of the breasts
  • Ease of finding clothing and bras that fit properly
  • Improved symmetry between the breasts

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