Recovering from a Mommy Makeover By Brian Kobienia, MD, FACS on July 10, 2017

Attractive, fit motherThere are so many joys that come with being a mother. However, people are reluctant to talk about the strains of motherhood, or specifically, the changes that pregnancy and breastfeeding put the body through. Many assume these changes are temporary. It is easy to anticipate that the weight gained during pregnancy will be easily lost after giving birth. Unfortunately, stubborn fat cells are difficult to get rid of through diet and exercise alone. Even those who successfully lose pregnancy weight often find that their skin has become stretched and loose.

A mommy makeover addresses the most common side effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding to help women regain their pre-pregnancy figure. By combining multiple cosmetic procedures, a mommy makeover can improve the appearance of our Edina, MN patients. Dr. Kobienia discusses the mommy makeover recovery process with his patients prior to treatment so that they are well-prepared for how healing will progress following surgery.

How Long Does Recovery Last?

The most common question patients have regarding mommy makeover recovery is how long it will take the body to heal. There is no set length of time for mommy makeover recovery. The healing process will vary for each patient depending on which procedures are performed during mommy makeover treatment.

Dr. Kobienia will provide patients with a realistic estimate of the recovery timeline based on the specific treatment plan. In general, patients should anticipate taking between one and two weeks off of work for the initial recovery period. However, it is likely to take at least six weeks for all surgical side effects to diminish and for full treatment results to become apparent.

Mommy Makeover Side Effects

The specific side effects will depend on which procedures are performed. Most commonly, patients can expect to develop the following side effects:

  • Pain or discomfort: A mommy makeover will result in some degree of discomfort. In most cases, pain can be controlled by the use of prescribed pain medication. When used as directed, pain medication can minimize discomfort during the recovery process.
  • Swelling: After any major injury or trauma, the body responds by sending excess blood and fluids to the injured area. While this promotes healing, it also results in swelling. After a mommy makeover, swelling is one of the most common side effects. Swelling will gradually dissipate, but inflammation can last for many weeks after a mommy makeover.
  • Bruising: Bruising is also very common after a mommy makeover. Bruising can affect any treatment area, as well as the areas immediately surrounding it. Bruising can be quite severe during the first week of recovery, but it should fade significantly during the second week of recovery.
  • Fatigue: A mommy makeover puts a lot of strain on the body. It is normal for patients to feel especially worn out in the days following treatment. Although severe fatigue usually only lasts for the first several days of recovery, it can take a few weeks for patients to regain their regular level of energy.

Schedule an Appointment

Mommy makeover recovery is a lengthy process, but the results of treatment are worth the time it takes for the body to heal. If you have questions about mommy makeover treatment, or would like to learn more about the recovery process, schedule an appointment with Dr. Brian Kobienia at your earliest convenience.

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