Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction Technique

By Brian Kobienia, MD, FACS on November 19, 2013

Edina Ultrasound-assisted LiposuctionUltrasound-assisted liposuction helps make fat removal possible in traditionally hard to reach areas like the knees, chin, and ankles. Edina plastic surgeon Brian Kobienia offers ultrasound-assisted liposuction in addition to tumescent liposuction to provide extreme precision in a patient's body contouring treatment. If you have been considering liposuction, you may benefit from ultrasound-assisted liposuction. Read on to learn more about ultrasound-assisted liposuction and how it may help you.

What Is Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction?

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction, also called UAL, uses sound waves to liquify fat during liposuction treatment. Liquifying the fat makes liposuction treatment easier and allows for more precision. UAL treatment makes it possible to remove fat from difficult areas such as the ankles, calves, knees, chin, cheeks, and neck so you can say goodbye to a double chin or embarrassing “cankles.” 

How Does the Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction Procedure Work? 

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction begins with an injection of tumescent fluid into the area being treated. Tumescent fluid is a special fluid made up of a saline solution with a mixture of epinephrine and an anesthetic. Next, a special tool called a cannula is inserted into the area undergoing treatment.

The cannula tool used for UAL is a thin tube through which ultrasonic waves are transmitted into the fat tissue. As the ultrasound waves reach the fat cells, the fat cells immediately “melt.” When the liquified fat is combined with the tumescent fluid injection, the fluid fat emulsifies, making it easily suctioned by the cannula.

Recovery after UAL treatment depends on the extent of treatment. Some patients are recovered within a few days while others may require two weeks or so. You can discuss your specific recovery time estimate with your surgeon.

The Benefits of Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction offers many benefits. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction makes once nearly impossible areas treatable and is especially useful for contouring the knees, chin, neck, and ankles. UAL treatment can even be used to treat any area traditional liposuction is used for such as the stomach, excessive breast tissue in males, and “love handles.” Ultrasound-assisted liposuction also offers the benefit of being able to remove large amounts of fat and dense fat deposits. The benefits of UAL treatment include:

  • Ability to contour difficult to treat areas
  • Easily sculpts areas treated with traditional liposuction
  • Easily removes dense fat deposits
  • Easily removes large amounts of fat
  • Improves the body's appearance
  • Removes fat that diet and exercise alone are unable to reduce
  • Improves self-confidence

Find Out if Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction Is Right for You

You don't have to be unhappy about the appearance of your body. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction can transform trouble areas and leave you with a beautifully contoured body. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction can even be combined with other procedures like a tummy tuck or facelift for a full transformation. To find out more information about ultrasound-assisted liposuction or to see if this treatment is right for you, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kobienia. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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