Breast Augmentation for the Female Athlete By Brian Kobienia, MD, FACS on January 12, 2013


Breast Augmentation for the Athlete


Women who are athletic are often hesitant to consider breast enhancement surgery.  Athletic women of the Twin Cities can still consider breast augmentation surgery.


The female athlete in Minnesota is multifaceted.  Juggling duties of home life, work, child rearing and passion for their sport and body conditioning.   Whether they pursue running around the lakes, yoga, or spin classes at Lifetime, the athletic woman often deals with a dilemma.  


The dilemma is this: with more success at fitness her breast shape suffers.  As the athlete balances muscles gain with fat loss the female breast may lose is volume.  This is not the desired goal of exercise and devotion to fitness for the lady athlete.  It is an unfortunate byproduct of weight loss.   In order to maintain a female shape either weight loss has to be minimized or the female athlete may have to accept struggling with clothing. 


Every blouse assumes a certain bust size.  Often women who are slight of build fail to fill out the bust of a blouse.   Either the female athlete has to accept having to wear padded bras or live with ill-fitting clothing.  Swimming suits make this issue even more notable.


So what’s the female athlete in Minnesota to do?


Breast augmentation may be an answer.  The woman athlete should not have to sacrifice her passion for fitness because of the she wants to remain womanly in shape.  Breast enhancement in the female athlete works well.  


Breast augmentation surgery takes about an hour.  Planning for the event takes some time and in-office exercises are used to allow the female athlete to determine what size and type of implant she would like to use.  Saline or silicone gel implants can be used.  Subglandular and submuscular implant placement positions are the two options to choose from.  Most commonly, women athletes will chose submuscular placement of the implant in order to minimize the risk of having wrinkles visible in the cleavage.  Because thin women have very little body fat there is little to no native coverage to hide the wrinkles of the implant.  With the exception of competitive bodybuilders virtually all thin women will be happier with breast implants placed beneath the pectoralis muscles.  Competitive female body builders may not like the movement of the implant (referred to as animation) when they flex their pectoralis muscles, particularly while on stage in a skimpy bikini and may therefore pick subglandular implant placement choosing to manage the possible visible wrinkles with a tight bikini top instead.


The breast implant size does not need to be overwhelming, in fact, women athletes in the Minnesota tend to choose smaller implants that allow them to enjoy their passion for fitness but also allow them to feel feminine and sexy.  May advice to most women, athletes included, is to pick an implant size that is middle of the road.   An implant size that allows you to run five miles in a sport bra and still allows you to doll them up and look voluptuous in a low cut blouse is best.  


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