Teenage Breast Reduction

By Brian Kobienia, MD, FACS on August 01, 2012


Teen Breast Reduction


Teenage years are tough for many reasons. Emotional turmoil, friendship crises, tough school work, idiots for parents, and not to mention physical changes to your body all make those blessed years something better off forgotten.  Who can forget the embarrassment of high school physical education class, particularly when the topic was swimming.  Girls have it particularly bad.  Not only are young ladies tough on each other, young girls are tough on themselves.  Body hair, body odor, breast development- or lack thereof - make the middle school and high school years challenging and potentially miserable.


Early and large breast development can cause mental as well as physical pain.  Unwanted attention from boys and stares from other girls can lead to emotional turmoil above and beyond normal teenage angst.  Embarrassment can lead to poor self image that may lead to a lifetime of emotional and relationship issues.


Physical adjustment to the emotional pain can lead to permanent body changes.   Often embarrassed girls will hunch the shoulders to hide the bustline.  Occasionally the breast will grow so rapidly that tearing of the deeper layers of skin can occur.  These are commonly referred to as stretch marks.  Breast pain can occur due to the weight of the breast independent of the menstrual cycle.  Aerobic exercise become all but impossible due to the trauma of the tugging and pulling.  This may have lifetime consequences.  Occasionally having large breasts leads to inactivity leads to obesity.


Breast reduction surgery can eliminate these issues and is well tolerated by the younger crowd.  The surgery can commonly be done as an outpatient.  Almost immediate relief from the pull on the shoulders can be expected.  Relief from awkward wardrobe issues will be noted.  The ability to buy a matching top and bottom swimsuit can now expected.  The teenage breast reduction patient can be expected to run and jog without the need for physical therapy the next day.


If you or a loved one is suffering from early large breast development don’t feel like there is no relief from the pain.  Come in to learn about the procedure of breast reduction.  You wont regret the changes.  Your neck and back and cute dress will thank you!


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