Excess sweating treated with Botox

By Brian Kobienia, MD, FACS on October 15, 2011



Every husband has endured the 15 minute anger speech starting from the closet when their wife realizes that their favorite blouse is ruined because of some stain or worse yet because its too small.  Well folks I may have the solution for one of those problems.  


Excessive sweating has been the source of the end of the life cycle of many a  womans favorite outfit. 


Botox may be the answer you have been waiting for.


Botox is a very powerful tool used in many aspects of medicine.  Functional medicine as well as aesthetic medicine has warmed to the use of Botox for a variety of fixes.  Botox is commonly used in eye care for muscle spasms around the eye, in urology for bladder ailments, as well as in gastroenterology for spasms of the esophagus.  Botox is still best known as the wrinkle reduction medicine.


Botox works by blocking the nerve signal that tells the cell to do its business.  In the case of a muscle cell its business is to contract.  By injecting sweat gland bearing skin the Botox blocks the signal that orders the sweat gland to produce and secrete sweat.


Minimizing sweat production is an effective way to safely decrease sweat production in targeted areas.  The Botox effect seems to last longer than the wrinkle stopping injections.  Most of my patients get by with injections seasonally or twice a year.


Viola! No more sweat - no more sweat stains and just maybe a happier spouse!

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